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What Studio is based in a stunning neo-classical church right in the center of Liverpool and has been since 2019.
Music has been made here by people like Ex-Easter Island Head, Evisorax, Lonesaw, Action Beat, Ali Horn, Dayzy, Gas Kunst, Good Grief, Piss Kitti, Ni Maxine, and a.P.A.t.T. to point out the obvs ones.

Whether you are coming into the studio to write new material, sending tracks to be mixed, recording vocals, or wanting to make your album, What Studio provides a unique space for songwriters and artists to write, record, and transform your work into finished artifacts ready for broadcast.
What Studio is home to the Producer Stephen Cole who has over 20 years of international experience in all things sound

and is very keen to understand your project…
He is writing in the third person.

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God Unknown Records


From 70s prog to early 00s breakcore, Liverpool's BARBEROS create polyrhythmic danceable noise infused technical barrages of sound with two drum kits and an array of synthesizers and effected vocals. “I Sometimes Feel Like Paragliding” is Barberos’ answer to a 90s rave anthem. Slow-burn builds with dark undertones dip in and out of short chaotic break-downs and eventually emerge in a euphoric gritty confetti drop of playful noise/dance music. The piece is introduced by paraglider S. Brückenzimmer, the narrator of the music video, who relates his cyclical adventure of gliding through the air: the realistic, yet optimistic desire of every humans recurring dream: to fly. The piece takes you from the solid, uneven, murky soil of the earth and lifts you up into wet clouds and beyond, where breathing is not just a commodity but a freeing luxury. The view from up there is both surreal and fantastic. A reminder to take a step back and and enjoy the view, whatever it might be. “The way we write music reflects our relationship and our conversations: cynical banter mixed with serious heartfelt advice and straight laugh-out-loud humour. The result is an honest, funny and deliberate statement of contradicting cohesion and incoherence.” The band’s signature sound and look of two drum kits - two (well, several) synths formula prevails and takes on a rather playful character. The video (directed by old friend and prolific director Jack Whiteley (Young Fathers, Little Dragon, Elton John, …)) depicts the ultimate tongue in cheek underground rave. A gritty sweaty club is captured on Hi8, whilst a David Guetta impersonator gets the crowds riled up to the ever growing euphoria of the music. Inhibitions are lost and the flock of dancing bodies merges into one pulsating expression of loosing oneself that quite literally takes off with the narrator’s words still ringing in everyone’s ears. Video Directed by Jack Whiteley Special thanks to the people at Venidorm Audio Recorded at What Studio? Mixed and Mastered by Ste Cole at What Studio? Written and produced by Barberos


LONESAW’s first official release since May 2020's LIVE EP marks a new era for the constantly evolving industrial juggernauts. ‘Barbed Wire Church,’ the first single from the upcoming studio EP (recorded at WhatStudio Liverpool and QUARRY studios Liverpool), sees the band stepping back from their trademark wall of noise by embracing Esotericism, atmosphere and hard minimal electronics. Coinciding with the release of the track is the new video collaboration with Liverpool-based director Jon Stonehouse (2beardsfilms). 'For the video for Barbed Wire Church, we knew we wanted it to be more of an ‘experience’ than a traditional Music video; something to shake up the viewers consciousness a bit. We worked with the symbology of Western Esotericism to introduce ideas from Hermeticism and Mysticism and take them on a journey of reflection. The Video watched in its entirety from start to finish is an Initiation, I think that’s pretty obvious and we have no qualms about using subliminal messaging and trance inducing imagery to make our point in the unconscious mind. Are we brainwashing the viewer? Yes. Yes we are! The vast majority of people are idiotic beasts and need all the help they can get'. Jon Stonehouse - Director Bandcamp link - Treading the line between Industrial and post-punk LONESAW's grotesque cacophony is a mixture of guttural vocals, grinding electronics, pulsating percussion, and double saxophone assault.