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Ben Duvall – Ex-Easter Island Head

Ben Duvall – Ex-Easter Island Head

“Stephen recorded and mixed the first two releases by Ex-Easter Island Head; “Mallet Guitars One” (2010) and “Mallet Guitars Two” (2012). Both were recorded on a very tight budget within a very tight time period in non-studio spaces with very basic facilities.
The first was in the roof-space of a church, the second in an empty nightclub. In both cases, Stephen was able to quickly and effectively transform the space into a suitable, creative recording environment and identify the best way to approach the material.
Recorded live over several hours, both records demanded patience, very quick thinking and focus, which Stephen was able to bring to every stage of the process. He has a sympathetic ear for sonic detail and a sensitive, personable approach to tracking and workig on problems with arrangements, tempo, equipment etc.
He is an intuitive, highly communicative mixer, able to effectively translate suggestions, creative ideas and vague descriptions into professional, characterful recordings.
Both “Mallet Guitars One” and “Mallet Guitars Two” received significant critical acclaim from the likes of The Wire (shortlisted for “Best avant-rock” 2011 & 2012), Pitchfork (“Best new music, September 2012”), The Quietus and airplay on the BBC.”

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