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Production, Recording or Mastering
Cavalier Song, Zombina & The Skeletones, a.P.A.t.T., Ex-Easter Island Head, Barberos, POSTMUSIC roster,  Stignoise, 7Shades, Marmalade, Good Grief, Matti, Shy Billy, Luke Mawdsley, White Blacula, We Came Out Like Tigers, Howie Reeve, Double Echo, Jean Michel Noir, Paper Wings, Bolshy, Salt The Snail, Mason Owen, Unstoppable Sweeties Show, Crocodile God, Lonesaw, iChoir, Bingo Harry, John Wheatcroft, The Jubilee Stompers, Domino, Amique, Uncle Jane, Charlie Mckeon, The Deportees, Ali Horn, Dyasono and Evisorax


BBC Television – Massive Comedy Series, 2 pieces
BBC Radio – Jingles and stings / Commissioned OST / Web campaigns
Sainsbury’s advert campaign for Web – Rattling Stick Agency
Island Records – Spring King Pop Video –  2 Set pieces for Rattling Stick Agency
Edge Hill University – Festival Installation Commission
The Bluecoat – Captain Beefheart Commission, panel discussion & performance featuring Gary Lucas

Training / Workshops
University of Gloucestershire – Sound for Film
Liverpool Media Academy – Sound for Film (Regular contributer)
Liverpool Hope University – Getting the most out of Logic
LIPA – Supporting BA Music Performance Students
Loose Music – Part of team for 10 years, currently Head of Sound and Film

Live Capture
All POSTMUSIC events, The Evil Usses, Shatner’s Bassoon, Rahouhhh, Faniel Dord, Germanager, Howie Reeve, Horsebastard, Pifco, Cowtown, Coltsblood, Hugs Bison, Deux Boules Vanille, Godwosh, Trouble with Books, Mind Mountain, Unicursal, Peter Smyth, Bilge Pump, Hot Club de Paris, Colin Eccleston, Double Echo, Paddy Steer, White Blacula, Claire Welles, Charles Haywood, Mugstar, Action Beat